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Student Handbook





Our vision is to improve the lives of Kittrell Elementary School students by providing a center of academic and social excellence in our community.



We expect EXCELLENCE from all as we prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world.



I am an Image of Excellence!

Here I will be seen as a possibility.

This is a place where I am loved

and I will rise to every challenge.

I have that Kittrell Pride inside

that makes me walk with my head held high.

I will keep a smile on my face

because I know this is a great place.

I bleed blue and white in my heart

and that often gives my day a great start.

I pledge to always be the best ME that I can be!

I am an Image of Excellence!


Kittrell Elementary School’s 10 Essentials of Excellence

  1. We will respond to any adult by saying “Yes, no, mam or sir.” We will not nod our head or say anything other than a form of yes or no.
  2. We will respect ourselves and others. We will show this by congratulating winners and respecting other’s comments, opinions and ideas. We will not show disrespectful gestures such as eye rolling, smacking our lips, or booing.
  3. We will always be honest. We will always tell the truth even if we have made a mistake.
  4. We will stop and respond to adults by stopping and giving them our attention when spoken to.
  5. We will be responsible. We will show this by bringing all homework and supplies to class each day.
  6. We will be considerate of private conversations between teachers and students. We will show this by not interrupting or commenting.
  7. We will clean up after ourselves at all times even if we did not make the mess.
  8. We will always sit forward, keep our hands to ourselves and stay in our seats while eating in the cafeteria and on the bus.
  9. We will always say thank you when given something. We will not ask for a reward, doing your best is an EXPECTATION.
  10. We will always be the best that we can be.


Students should come to school with the attitude that they can and will learn. Students are always expected to do their best, in every subject and class. Teachers will do their best to ensure that each student receives appropriate instruction for his or her needs and potential. Teachers will allow nothing to interfere with learning in the classroom. We know that parents have these same expectations for their children. Education is a partnership between the students, parents, school, and community.



Report cards will be sent home each nine-weeks. Progress reports will be sent home at the mid-point of the grading period. Grades 3-5 Grading Scale

A- 90-100

B- 80-89

C- 70-79

D- 60-69

F- 59 or Below



Conduct for all students shall be marked using the grade rubric on the report card. Conduct will not be reflected in academic grades.



Students in grades 3-5 are eligible for the following:

Principal’s List—All A’s

Honor Roll—No grade below B

Students will be celebrated each nine-weeks during our student pep rallies.



Homework is necessary for students to gain proficiency with the concepts and skills they are learning. The teachers and administration set the standards for each grade level. Students are expected to complete all assignments including homework.



Educational field trips relating directly to grade-level curriculum are excellent learning tools. A parent/guardian must sign a permission slip for the student to participate. A student with unsatisfactory behavior prior to any field trip may be excluded if viewed as a safety risk to him/herself or if those behaviors would require excessive teacher focus during the trip, thereby causing a safety risk to others. Parents may be asked to chaperone field trips. During these trips, parents will oversee a specific group of students. Siblings are not permitted to be taken on field trips as they may distract from the chaperone’s responsibility to our students. Chaperones are expected to adhere to school policies while on a field trip representing Kittrell, this includes no smoking or profanity. Students are required to ride the bus to and from the field trip with their class. Students will not be signed out while on the field trip. Parents are expected to follow the bus to the destination.



Early in the school year, parents will be notified of the date and time for Parent Orientation. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend to meet their child’s teacher and find out what will be expected in the classroom. This is an excellent means to begin forming the home-school bond that is critical to each child’s success.



The Rutherford County School System has scheduled parent-teacher conferences for October and March. Both teachers and parents may schedule other conferences as needed. Parents may send the teacher an e-mail, write a note in the AGENDA, or call the school and leave a message. Teachers are available to return calls only during their designated planning times and before or after school. Parents are asked to be patient in waiting for a return call. Teachers will respond to emails or phone calls within twenty-four hours of receiving the message. Teachers need at least two days’ notice before the desired meeting date. Teachers are unable to conference with parents at any time they are supervising students, including the fifteen minutes before and after school. Whenever a parent has concerns about classroom issues, he/she should contact the teacher first—through e-mail, the AGENDA, phone call, or conference—before involving administration. Open lines of communication must be developed between the student, teacher, and parent to support student success and adjustment. The principal will always ask, “Have you talked with your child’s teacher about the problem?” If a parent believes that after talking with the teacher his/her questions have not been satisfactorily answered or a satisfactory solution reached, the parent may call administration. Educational assistants are not the appropriate contact for a conference or for information about a student.



The retention of a student may occur after careful consideration of the student’s achievement by the teacher and the principal in consultation with the parents. Having considered all factors, student progress, student capabilities, etc., the final decision is the responsibility of the school administration. Parents must be informed and involved beginning as early as the first reporting period, but the final decision rests with the school.



AGENDAS will be issued without charge to all students. Class assignments, homework, student conduct, and parent-teacher communications will be recorded in the AGENDA.

The purposes of the AGENDA are as follows:
  • To provide a convenient, effective, daily means of communication between home and school.
  • To afford parents the opportunity to be involved in their children’s school lives by giving them information they need in order to help their children be successful at school.
  • To provide data regarding student behavior patterns.
  • To help the student develop organizational skills.
Students are expected to do the following:
  • Have the AGENDA with them daily.
  • Write down important information (lesson objectives, homework assignments, special events, etc.)
  • Remind parents to sign or initial the AGENDA every night.
  • Treat the AGENDA as an official school document. Students should not lose, damage, or alter information that parents or teachers have written in the AGENDA.

Classroom Teachers are expected to do the following:

  • Check AGENDAS of students in their classes daily.
  • Provide students with class objectives and/or assignments orally and in writing.
  • Confer with the students regarding academic progress and conduct.
  • Respond to parent communications, as appropriate.

Parents are requested to do the following:

  • Require their child to bring the AGENDA home each day.
  • Go over the AGENDA each day with the student, discussing work done at school, homework assignments, and conduct marks, if any. Parents should praise their children if no behavior corrections are recorded!
  • Ensure that the student completes the homework assignments given.
  • Sign or initial the AGENDA every day to let the teacher know that parents have seen the information the student has brought home.




The building opens at 6:45. Children should not be dropped off any earlier; there is no adult supervision. Arrival at school should be planned so that children can get to class before the school day begins at 7:30 a.m. Students who are not in their classrooms at 7:30 a.m. are considered tardy. All students should enter through the gym before 7:28 a.m. The gym doors will be closed at 7:28 a.m. cell phone time. This is to allow students two minutes to get to class by 7:30. Students should not be dropped off to enter the school when they are tardy. The adult must come to the front of the school, park, walk the student/s inside and sign them in. If students enter the front of the building alone after 7:30 a.m. parents will be called to return to sign them in. Students do not always know to ring the bell to enter and will be in the foyer unsupervised without our knowledge. This is considered a safety risk. The official school day ends at 2:30. Students will not be checked out between 2:15-2:30 p.m. unless there is an emergency. All car riders will be picked up in the car rider line. Please do not request that students report to the office for dismissal unless there is an emergency. This is a very busy time in the front office. The K-2 car rider dismissal line is in the back of the school. Students in grades 3-5 with younger siblings will dismiss to the back of the school. The third through fifth grade car rider dismissal line is in the front of the gym. Students will not be placed in cars without the current year's car rider tag. Anyone without the appropriate tag will be asked to report to the front office and show their photo identification to pick up the student.



Sometimes transportation changes must happen. If you know before your child comes to school that there is a transportation change write a note on the paper provided by the school. Without a note, the child will be sent home by the regular mode. Students cannot ride any bus other than the one to which they are assigned without a note from the parent/guardian and administrative approval. Transportation changes will only be taken in writing. No over the phone transportation changes will be accepted. A detailed note, along with a copy of the parent’s identification should be faxed to (615)849-2187 or emailed to [email protected] Transportation changes should be made by 1:30 p.m. daily. Teachers may not be able to check their emails before dismissal and will not be responsible for transportation changes. Please do your very best to determine the child’s mode of transportation home PRIOR to sending the child to school. Too many transportation changes often confuse the child, the teacher and the front office. When this happens, student safety becomes a concern.



Absences are classified as either “excused” or “unexcused” in accordance with Rutherford County School Board Policy 6.20. Up to ten days of absences for illness may be excused with parent notes. These must be submitted within five days of returning to school. Parents should refer to the little white handbook given at the beginning of each year for the county attendance policy. Family vacations are considered unexcused. Students that miss more



Whether an absence is excused or unexcused, all work missed must be made up within five days of returning to school.



The state requires us to account for every minute a child is not in school to include tardies and early dismissals. Computer reports are forwarded to the state each day. Students are considered tardy when they are checked-out of school.

Because school bus transportation is provided free of charge to students of Rutherford County, tardiness related to car problems, traffic, oversleeping, etc., are unexcused.

Dismissal time is 2:30. Early check-outs should be limited to emergency situations so that our staff can focus on end-of-the-day procedures. A photo ID will be required for early dismissal.



Paperwork is required to withdraw a child from school. Parents must visit the front office before moving.



Developing young people into citizens who are responsible and respectful is a primary focus for our students and staff. If a student chooses to conduct him or herself properly, everyone benefits. Developing habits of responsible citizenship enhances academic achievement. Good behavior is encouraged and expected always, including extracurricular activities. School policies must be followed at both on and off-campus school-sponsored events. Students who display unacceptable behavior may be denied the right to participate in such activities. Kittrell Elementary School will enforce the Rutherford County School System Code of Behavior and Discipline. This document will be provided to each student the first day of school. Students and parents must read and sign that they have received it.



These policies must be followed:

  1. Shirts and tops must cover the chest, back, and undergarments at all times in all body positions (standing, seated, arms overhead, bending forward, etc.). Shoulder seams must be at least three-fingers wide.
  2. Shorts and skirts must be as long, as or longer than the tip of the longest finger when the student’s arms are extended by the side of the body.
  3. Form-fitting clothes, such as those made with Lycra or spandex, and jeggings are allowable only if they are worn under other clothes that cover the chest, back, behind and the dress or shirt must be longer than the tip of the longest finger when the student’s arms are extended by the side of the body.
  4. Clothing, accessories, and body markings with slogans or symbols about or suggestive of drugs, alcohol, obscenities, gangs, or anything else that is a disruptive or disturbing influence are prohibited.
  5. Shirts that allow skin to show between the shirt and pants when the arms are lifted or the student is seated; low-cut, off-the-shoulder, and tank tops less than three finger width; see-through clothing, bare-backs and spaghetti straps are prohibited.
  6. Appropriate shoes for walking should be worn. Gym shoes are required for gym class.

Administration will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of a student’s attire for the school environment.



Students will be rewarded each nine-weeks at academic pep rallies and special rewards programs. Students may earn special rewards each nine-week period. Students that do not adhere to classroom or school expectations may be exempt from participating in reward programs. Students will follow all school and classroom expectations. Those students that do not follow those expectations will be dealt with in the classroom. All serious offenses will be dealt with in the principal’s office.



Infractions that warrant ISS or OSS will jeopardize participation in activities which are planned for students who exhibit good citizenship such as trips, sporting events, and extra-curricular activities. Students who receive OSS are prohibited from being on school grounds for the duration of the suspension.



To ensure a safe and secure learning environment free of drugs, violence and dangerous weapons, any student who engages in zero tolerance behaviors will be subject to expulsion for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. Only the superintendent shall have the authority to modify this expulsion on a case-by-case basis. A zero-tolerance act occurs when any student while on a school bus, on school property, or while attending any school event or activity. Refer to the Rutherford County Student Handbook and Code of Discipline for more details.



Students are under the supervision and control of the bus driver while on the bus, and all directions given by the driver must be followed. A student who is suspended from riding the bus cannot ride any other bus until the suspension is complete. Parents are responsible for transporting students whose bus privileges have been suspended or revoked. Please refer to the Rutherford County School System Code of Behavior and Discipline.



Students may participate in the Kittrell breakfast and lunch program. Lunch is $2.75. Breakfast is $1.50. Students may pay for their lunches on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or through the MealPay Plus Plan. A student who forgets money may charge a lunch or milk, but the debt should be paid the next day unless other arrangements have been made with the cafeteria manager. Students may not accrue a cafeteria debt that exceeds $10. Milk: $0.50 Ice cream: $0.50 A la cart items may not be charged.

All checks should be made payable to Kittrell Elementary School. Questions regarding cafeteria accounts may be addressed by calling Mrs. White at 893-7604, then pressing 8. Those who are eligible may pay either a reduced price or receive the meals free. Free and reduced meal applications will be issued to every child in the school during the first week. Only those who wish to apply need return the form. FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH STATUS DOES NOT CARRY OVER FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR; A NEW APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED EACH YEAR. Questions about free/reduced lunch should be addressed to Robyn at the central office at 893-5815 ext. 22014. Students may bring a packed lunch to be eaten in the cafeteria. Parents are asked that it be nutritious and

that items in the lunch be manageable by the child. Please do not send glass containers or sodas. Remember that students are not allowed access to a microwave at school.

Visitors are welcome to eat lunch in the cafeteria with students. Anyone visiting must be on the students pick up list or a note must be sent the day of by the parent. The lunch visitor will only be allowed to eat lunch with the child they came to visit. Students will not be allowed to invite other friends to eat with them. Commercial meals from places like McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, etc. are not allowed to be brought in for lunch. Photos should only be taken of the student that you are visiting. Other students should not be photographed during this time.



Good behavior and acceptable grades are required for participation in all extracurricular activities at Kittrell. The number and types of activities will be based on teacher-sponsor availability.



IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT PARENTS KEEP THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION UP-TO-DATE SO THAT OUR STAFF CAN MAKE CONTACT IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY. Any changes in address, phone number, or emergency phone number must be sent to the office immediately. Kittrell is authorized to have a school nurse for the school day. If a child becomes ill or is injured at school, the parent or emergency number will be contacted. Medication can be given at school. All non-prescription medication must be personally delivered to the office by a parent or guardian in the original, unopened bottle. The parent will complete an “Authorization to Administer Medication” form before the medication can be administered. Any prescription medicine must be personally delivered to the office by a parent or guardian in the original, pharmacy-labeled container and must have the “Authorization to Administer Medication” signed by the parent and the doctor. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS A STUDENT ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT MEDICATION OF ANY KIND.




All lockers and other storage areas that are provided for student use on school premises remain the property of the school system and are subject to inspection, access for maintenance, and search by a school official at any time.



Students/parents should write names on all personal items in permanent ink. Items that are found on school property must be turned in to the Lost and Found located in the gym. After 30 days, unclaimed items are donated to charitable organizations.



Visitors must park only in designated parking spaces. Areas along the curbs are bus and fire lanes are no parking areas. No one should enter the east parking lot except after school for K-2 car rider pick up.



Several classroom parties will be held during the school year. These parties are for Kittrell students. Please refrain from bringing siblings to classroom parties. Grade-level teams will determine the occasions and dates. Birthdays may be celebrated at school in the cafeteria during the lunch period. Parents may sign in through the office and either stay through the lunch period or simply drop off store-bought cupcakes to their child’s classmates in the cafeteria. Homemade items are not permitted. Invitations—if you are bringing/sending invitations to school for a party at home, make sure that all children in the class are invited. Otherwise, please make other arrangements to distribute the invitations.



Students will not be permitted to make or take calls at school unless an emergency exists. They must have teacher and office permission to make a call. Students are prohibited from displaying or using cell phones. When students bring cell phones to school it is not our responsibility if they are broken or stolen.



Precautions are taken for the protection of our students, staff, and visitors during the school day. Students will become familiar with emergency procedures for a variety of situations through monthly drills. Everyone in the building at the time of these drills is expected to participate fully, including parents, visitors, and volunteers.



School improvement is an ongoing process. As a community and as a school, we must always seek ways to improve the education of our young people. Kittrell’s School Improvement Team is composed of parents, teachers, community members, and support staff. The team meets each year to review the progress towards the school’s current goals and revises the plans as needed.



Tennessee Code Annotated (State Law) 39-17-1604 “Prohibits smoking on any public or private school property, including bleachers at sporting events and restrooms. Institution failing to enforce is subject to $500 fine.” Please adhere to this state law.



Every student at Kittrell will use the computer or iPad. Computer programs are limited to those provided by the school. Internet usage is limited to educational sites. Parents/students must agree to and sign the “Acceptable Use Policy” for technology in order to be given internet access.



Students are responsible for the care of all textbooks, library books, and the AGENDA issued to them for the school year. Lost or damaged books must be replaced at the parents’ expense.



The safety of our students and staff must always be a prime concern. To ensure a safe emotional and physical environment, ALL PARENTS AND VISITORS WILL REPORT TO THE MAIN OFFICE, COMMUNICATE TO A SCHOOL OFFICIAL THE PURPOSE OF THE VISIT, PRESENT A DRIVER’S LICENSE TO BE RUN THROUGH THE RAPTOR SECURITY SYSTEM, AND RECEIVE A VISITOR’S PASS. Anyone who is in the building between the hours of 6:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m. and is not wearing a visitor’s badge will be asked to report to the office and follow procedures. Anyone entering the school building during school hours will be asked to show their ID. You will be asked to show your ID even if we recognize your face. Students from other schools are not permitted, except for official reasons (those approved by the principal). Any visitor who does not support a calm, safe environment will be asked to leave. (This includes emotional outbursts, verbal abuse, or physical threats to students, staff, or other visitors). Failure to leave the premises when asked will result in law enforcement intervention. Visitors and volunteers serve as role models for our students in both conduct and dress. Parents may walk their children to class on the day of registration without signing in, and may walk with them on the first full day of school after signing in properly. After the first day of school, children are expected to get to class by themselves, and parents will only be allowed down the hallway if the teacher is aware and they have received a visitor’s badge is given.



Volunteer support from parents, community members, and MTSU undergraduates is necessary for our students to reach their fullest potential. Volunteers are asked to schedule their sessions with the teacher in advance so that the teacher will have ample time to plan activities for these important classroom helpers. Teachers cannot take their focus and valuable teaching time away from their students to find something to do for a volunteer who shows up unexpectedly. Kittrell volunteers should be aware that, as school support personnel, they may unintentionally be privy to information that is confidential (i.e. Johnny has trouble with math; Sally got in trouble at lunch today; Mary doesn’t recognize her letters, etc.). It is imperative that Kittrell volunteers NEVER violate a student’s confidentiality! Volunteer opportunities will no longer be extended if a volunteer contributes to disrupting the school community. We ask that volunteers please turn their cell phones to ‘vibrate’ so that classes are not disturbed. Volunteers who are also Kittrell parents must take great care to ensure that no favoritism is asked and no liberties are taken that are not afforded to those parents who cannot help at school during the day. Volunteers should only visit with their own children during their regularly scheduled lunchtime. Volunteer time should not be used for parent/teacher conferences unless the conference has been scheduled two days in advance. Volunteers should not bring other siblings during their volunteer time unless it is after school hours.



Kittrell Elementary is one of ten Title I School-wide programs in Rutherford County. School-wide programs such as the one here benefits the entire school, not just selected students. Decisions are made at the school level on programs, strategies, technology, and staff needs. Our primary goal is to help ALL students receive a good education and prepare them for the complex world of today and tomorrow.

Each Title I school must have a Parent Policy and Parent Compact which are developed and approved by parents and teachers. A committee of parents, community members, and teachers revised and approved the parent policy and the following parent/teacher compacts, in February 2019.

  • Parents have the right to ask for the professional qualification of the instructional staff that teaches their child
  • Parents may ask for the detailed system report card on student achievement
  • Parents have the right to know the detailed report card on student achievement and whether the schools are succeeding according to predetermined performance



It is the policy of the Rutherford County School System not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational programs or employment policies as required by Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of 1973, Title IX (1972 Educational Amendments), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Inquiries regarding compliance with Title IX, Section 504 or the Americans with Disabilities Act should be directed to the Assistant Director of Human Resources & Student Services of the Rutherford County School System, 2240 Southpark Boulevard, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37128.